Home Title Search

Jeanne Said:

What is included in a title search on a home? Does it include transfer of ownership and the dates it happened

We Answered:

Title search checks for things like back taxes and other Liens against the title. It will also show what is needed to clean up the problems and the seller has the choice of either paying off liens and mortgages etc or you can accept the title with these problems or you can reject and not close unless the seller clears up the title...

Names and dates of ownership tranfers in the chain of title you would have to have a abstract run and most title companies that research titles don't do this much anymore but you can ask for extra charge they may...

Vivian Said:

how can I get a title search on my home without paying a large sum of many??

We Answered:

You could go down to the County Recorders Office yourself & get copies of all the documents that pertain to your property. You will want to get certified copies of the original Deed of Title, any liens or debt attached to the property, any transfers of ownership that affect your ownership.

Ultimately, this will really depend on what the bail company will accept as proof of title.

Bryan Said:

How Long Does a Title Search on a home take?

We Answered:

I've seen basic title searches done in 2 days but the average is 1 to 2 weeks.

Sam Said:

I am selling a home, however, the title search came back and it apears that the bank listed another property?

We Answered:

Title company/closing agency/title insurance agent for the loan that defaulted is responsible if they recorded a mortgage with an incorrect legal.

FORMER owner's tells me there may be an unrecorded release in the chain of title; or an open mortgage and you are back at the closing agent/ title company who insured passing a clear title again

Ida Said:

how do i do a home title search?

We Answered:

presuming you are talking about a prop in the US; visit your county recorder. FREE

Also, visit any title-escrow company's

Gordon Said:

Does anyone know how to do a title search on a manufactured home?

We Answered:

If it is permanently "affixed" to the land , you do a search the old-fashioned way. You search at the County Recorders Office under the owner's name. YOu search the tax records at the Tax Assessors Office under the property address. You search for utility company easements at the utility home page.

If it is just a mobile home by itself, you search at the Secretary of State's Office. Some are online. Others you must go in person and do the search. It is more like a car title than the deed to a house. You are looking to make sure that any liens are paid off.

Jackie Said:

Can a utility Co. come after a new home owner after purchase and title search had no prev leans agnst home?

We Answered:

They can in CA, I don't know about other states.

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