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Melinda Said:

What do you think, would illegal aliens take limited Medi-Cal funds from children and elderly?

We Answered:

I am sick and tired of the undocumented illegal aliens/ Mexicans/Hispanics/Latino's coming over to the USA
and using our Hospitals to have babies and get medical care and then never paying for it. This sucks and needs to stop!
We need to focus on our own people and help them not some people from another country.. The laws need to change.
We who are American Citizens are and should be #1.
Most US citizens without MediCal or health insurrance cannot even walk into an ER and get treated without a credit card....Is that how we are suppose to take care of our own? Hell no!
But these illegals just skip right threw the system never looking back when they leave..... IT MUST STOP and anyone running for an office or helping to provide any such service for these people must not get it into our laws.... Stop them too!
We must take back our country........

Tamara Said:

When asked about Barack Obama's achievements and qualifications for President?

We Answered:

Tabbi--Your president right now has a Bachelors from Yale and an MBA from Harvard. I am sure you complain about him. I would think that you need to have brains to go to those "elite" institutions, correct?

Barack has done nothing--I mean NOTHING--that qualifies him more than McCain. His economic plan is a nightmare, his foreign policy plan is a nightmare, and having a Marxist as president is really a nightmare.

Andrea Said:

Will Obama protect ACORN from a RICO investigation?

We Answered:

You can bank money on it. Obama is as crooked as they come.

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