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What Does Landlord Insurance Cover

Erica Said:

landlords and renters insurance?

We Answered:

You lanlord insurance cover damages and unpaid rent from the tenants. You need to get house insurance to cover fire and storm etc insurance.

Olga Said:

Landlord tenant laws / RE: garding apartment insurance?

We Answered:

You are all going to be equally resposible for the full portion. Meaning if the landlord chooses to only go after you for the cost of the window then you are required to pay it in full. at that point you cvan take the other mom's to small claims court to have them pay their part. The landlord does not have to go after everyone. If you have renters insurance it will not cover this. The property is not responsible for the dammage and should not take a hit to their insurance because kids threw a rock through the window. Use this as an opportunity to learn a lesson for all involved.

Matthew Said:

Landlord Dispute / Insurance Subrogation?

We Answered:

Did you sign a lease/rental agreement.? and in so signing was there a clause stating the heat situation? as if you were aware of plumbing requirements as to the heat explicitly? seems to me the insurance company your landlords has , would cover (that's what its for) all the expenses. if any your part, would be the $ deduct able.. contact a lawyer , the first 10 minutes are usually free. as for his high personal; $$, help, sounds to me like a rip off.. taking advantage of your inexperience.. good luck.

Anita Said:

Does a landlord policy on a property cover a fire caused by a tenant?

We Answered:

You are covered. I had a similar experience several years ago and my insurance carrier at the time, State Farm, paid for all the damage (including demolition and clean-up) and also the "loss of rents" while the house was being rebuilt.

What is interesting is that the tenant and boyfriend got into a fight and he beat her up and sent her to the hospital. When she returned to the house the fire engines were there because the guy started the fire it on purpose. The boyfriend went to prison for 5 years for arson.

For me, it was a great thing. The insurance company totally rebuilt the house. They turned a older home into a brand new one. I was able to increase the rent several hundred dollars a month.

About the only issue that you might face....did you you have "code upgrade" in your policy.

Example: If your property before it burned might have had a 100 amp electrical panel and met the building code when it was built. Today the city might require you to have 120 amp panel. Without the "code upgrade" rider (which costs more) the insurance company will make you pay the difference between the 100 and the 120 amp upgrade. The city will require you upgrade everything in the house to meet the current code.

George Said:

What does Renter's Insurance Cover?

We Answered:

It might, as you are relocating due to damage to your unit.

But, we don't knwo if it does or not, you need to READ your policy.

Leah Said:

Landlord damage dispute and insurance company subrogation?

We Answered:

Seems the cost are likely to be legitimate, otherwise the insurance company would not be paying.

It is highly likely the insurance company will go after you for the amount they paid due to your negligence.

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