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Pet Insurance Covers Pre Existing Conditions

Corey Said:

Do any pet insurance policy's cover pre-existing conditions?

We Answered:

No, just like people's health insurance, pet insurance is a business designed to make money for the insurance company. Many of the policies I have checked into not only exclude pre-existing conditions, but also do not cover certain conditions for specific breeds for at least the first 6-12 months. For example, if you have a german shepherd that has not even exhibited any symptoms of HD, since it is common in the breed, coverage may still be excluded for at least 6 months. Best I can recommend is talking to the vet about keeping the cost as low as possible, and working out some payment arrangements. I know our vet is very good about these sort of things- even little things like sending the dog home a day earlier to recuperate at home can really shave off some of the expense. Ours will also let us fill Rx at one of the many places that now offer 4 or 5 dollar antibiotics instead of paying 30 or 40 for the same meds from his office. Good luck with your boy, how sad that he's got so much to deal with.

Felicia Said:

Cleft palate and pet insurance; Hereditary or pre-existing condition?

We Answered:

In humans some cleft palate is hereditary and some are just unfortunate genetic flukes. It takes some expensive testing (in humans) to determine which one it is so that parents can decide if they want to risk having more children once one is born with a cleft palate (my neighbors went through this). Your best bet is to call the various insurance companies and get - in writing - a determination as to what they consider this. I suspect though that they will call it pre-existing and won't cover it. Insurance companies like to weasel out of whatever they can.

Jill Said:

Which Pet Insurance Company covers pre existing conditions?

We Answered:

When I applied to a pet insurance company, and sent in copies of all my vet bills because she was a rescue dog...the insurance company denied coverage of a urinary tract problem that my dog had. The insurance company said they would cover my dog for it, IF she was not treated for anything that had to do with the urinary tract for 1 year after my policy went into effect. I cancelled the insurance. Sounds like this will be an ongoing problem, and treated on a regular basis. So, my answer is no insurance company will cover that pre existing condition, sorry to say.

Janet Said:

Is there any pet insurance that covers a pre existing condition???

We Answered:

I don't KNOW the answer but I would be very surprised if there was. I can't see a company insuring an animal with a condition already existing. It wouldn't make sense. DB

Cathy Said:

my 2 1/2 year old shih tzu has a pre existing condition. is there a pet insurance that covers it?

We Answered:

No insurance company will cover pre-existing conditions. Otherwise everyone would only take out insurance when their dogs were sick and needed expensive treatment.

Do you think an insurance company would cover an unisured house after it got burned down?
Would they cover the repairs to an uninsured car only after it's been in an accident?

Derrick Said:

Pet health insurance w/ pre-existing condition?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, if your cat has any type of chronic condition, then it would be considered pre-existing and not covered by pet insurance.
Pet insurance is best for the unexpected. So if you were to enroll your cat with a pet insurance plan, then she were to come down with a completely new illness or become injured, then you could count on pet insurance to help cover the costs.
When shopping for pet insurance, be sure to get a copy of the policy so that you can find out what kind of exclusions there are and how much the company pays. Some companies pay a percentage of your actual bill, while others have a set list of dollar amounts that they will pay for each condition which may be far below what your vet actually charges.

Gerald Said:

can i trick pet insurance companies who wont cover pre-existing conditions?

We Answered:

Your new vet will check his urine anyway, as it is usually part of the application process. He will also likely be able to tell if your cat is blocked or has an infection by feeling the bladder.

Yes, it is not people insurance, but you can still get in trouble for insurance fraud. It IS still real insurance, and you will have to sign saying your pet is healthy.

If you cannot afford to care for your pet, I recommend giving it to the SPCA so it can find a responsible owner that will know that vet care is just one of the responsibilities that come with having a pet.

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