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Insurance That Covers Tubal Reversal

Bernice Said:

is there any type of insurance that cover tubal reversals?

We Answered:

Very few insurance policies cover reversals of tubals or other permanent contraceptives. From the insurer's POV, it's not like the tubal is making you sick, making your surgery elective, and presumably you're getting it reversed because you want to get pregnant. And pregnancy and delivery is the most expensive thing a young woman's likely to take her insurer for. Thus they're unmotivated:(

Save up and shop around in your neck of the woods... it's not a terribly expensive surgery (in the 6K-10K range). Many clinics offer financing options, as well.

June Said:

What insurance covers tubal reversals?

We Answered:

Santa Claus does not work for any insurance company. The reason they don't pay for reversals is simple. They will have to pay out 10 grand for the reversal, only to have to pay out 10 grand for a delivery room, pre, post natl care.

If they did cover reversals, then the cost of insurance would have to be about 10 times what it is.

Casey Said:

Is there any insurance company out there that will cover a tubal reversal that is somewhat cheap to buy? TX?

We Answered:

I'm in medical insurance, there's no insurance that cover's it , sorry I'm getting ready to do a reversal my self , My going to cost me 4200.00 , yea its alot , But well worth it , email me if you have any question

Erik Said:

does anyone know of any insurance companies that cover tubal reversal I heard Cigna will.?

We Answered:

It might depend on the circumstances. If your surviving child were to die you could appeal that you need it reversed. But, most won't cover it.

Gene Said:

Do anyone know an affordable doctor that specialize in tubal reversal and insurance that covers the surgery.?

We Answered:

Ask your regular Dr. for a referral. Often insurance will not cover the costs of a reversal, but there are some that do. Look through your policy booklet or call your insurance representative to ask if they do cover the cost. If they do they will probably also have a list of Doctors that perform the procedure. Good Luck.

Jared Said:

insurance and tubal reversals?

We Answered:

I have worked for a large health insurer, a major hospital system, and a major benefits consulting firm. During the course of my employment, I've encountered thousands of benefit plans from thousands of different employers.

I have never seen a single plan that covers the reversal of a sterilization procedure (tubal ligation or vascetomy). I'd be surprised if any did, as its not a medically necessary procedure.

People are supposed to be 100% certain of their choice and consider all future consequences *before* having that surgery done. If they choose to change their minds, then they'll have to pay out of pocket for it.

Sergio Said:

Tubal Reversal & Insurance issue?

We Answered:

I am in a similar situation and have talked with my insurance provider about it. There is just no way insurance will cover a reversal for something you chose. However, some clinics and doctors do provide financing. Depending on the type of ligation you had, IVF may still be your best option. Talk to your doctor and your insurance provider about your options. Best of luck!

Discuss It!

Jennifer said:

Where in TX would I get a tubal reversal for $4200. I've heard of maybe $6000 and up.

Michelle said:

I have ins and mine will pay for mine to be untied due to medical reason. I'm not sure how much BC I have to call the place my doc referral me too.

Nancy Garcia said:

Michelle?what insurance do you have, im looking for one that covers a reversal

Carla said:

I've been having pain since I got the reversal..I'm going to a new OB/GYN this week to come to see about getting something done. I want to know what insurance do Michelle have also

Ashia said:

BC/BS will cover it depending on what state you live in. I was also told there are other companies as well but I know BC/BS does depending on the state.

for more details said:

I double checked the whole thing. There are no loop holes. You can completely depend on it. Anyway, I’m quite impressed with this scheme. This was not included couple of years back. It has several other benefits as well.