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Health Insurance That Covers Tubal Reversal

Angela Said:

will my health insurance change, too?

We Answered:

It's NOT likely that they have two different plans. Or rather, if there's only ONE plan, it's going to be the same for everyone. If you had a CHOICE of plans when you signed up, then her plan MIGHT be different from yours.

You don't get informed about changes, except during the "open enrollment" period every year. So that would likely have been in November/December of last year. And you usually have to look pretty hard, to find changes. They don't send you a mailing or anything.

I would NOT take insurance information second hand, from ANYONE. I can tell you that very, very, very few insurance companies will cover tubal reversals or in vitros. But you REALLY need to call the number on the back of your card on Monday, to find out for sure.

Janet Said:

question about cheap health insurance??/?

We Answered:

Yeah it does. I eat my hat. good luck. I would try MAMSI I don't know if they would cover it, but there good about covering most things, and the cutomer service is really good.

Dianne Said:

Is there affordable health insurance available for fertility: tubal reversal?

We Answered:

not likely, if it was done right it will be very hard to reverse, expensive and not a medical necessity.

Christina Said:

Invitro or Tubal Reversal which one works better?

We Answered:

I had a tubaligation 12 years ago and remarried and wanted more children. I am 37 and although my Reproductive Endocrinologist thought it was a good chance to successfully reverse the tubes he thought our chances would be better with IVF. We didn't want to waste alot of time "trying" for it not to work then have to do IVF anyway. The IVF process was very stressful emotionally and financially. But since you have IVF coverage that's a huge plus for you! The needles that are used to suppress your ovaries are very thin and small and don't hurt at all. Many doctors use progesterone in oil (PIO) injections and those can be painful. But my doctor used a progesterone vaginal suppositories so hopefully yours will do the same.

My first IVF attempt failed but we had 4 frozen embryos left. My 2nd attempt we implanted 2 of the frozen embryos and I'm currently 11 weeks 4 days pregnant! It does work and the younger you are the greater your success rate. Good luck to you!

Seth Said:

Health insurance coverage / costs for IVF or Tubal Ligation Reversal surgery after elective sterilization?

We Answered:

I don't think that they will cover it . . . you do not mention what state you live in but only 15 states currently offer ANY coverage for fertility treatments with the best coverage being in on the east coast / some of the New England states . . . unfortunately, none that I know of offer coverage after an elective sterilization. Here is a link for state coverage info - I have a friend in MA who did IVF and her insurance would not cover it after sterilization while my insurance also in MA covered everything except co-pays but we did not go through an elective sterilization:…

When going through my own fertility treatments, I found Fertility Lifelines to be a great resource - I was able to give them my policy info and they broke down my coverage for no charge in easy to understand terms - you can call them at 1-866-LETS TRY or check out the link:

It would be best to talk to your doctor about your specific situation - on average a reversal is $5000+ . . . the benefit is that you can try over and over again but depending on the damage to your tubes, it may not be a good option. IVF runs $10,000+ (in the Boston area it is closer to $16,000) and many couples can only afford one attempt.

Here is another great link for how to pay for your treatments - loan info, grants etc . . .

Good luck and best wishes!

ETA - unfortunately, Pennsylvania is not one of the states that offers coverage . . . no matter what the situation. BUT - I would not give up, talk to your doctor, contact Fertility Lifelines . . . you may be able to get coverage for your meds or something like that. Every little bit helps!

Discuss It!

JJ789 said:

"not likely, if it was done right it will be very hard to reverse, expensive and not a medical necessity." I disagree. A tubal done "right" doesn't determine the difficulty of a reversal. The diameter of the fallopians combined with expertise determines the outcome. And as far as medical many women it is. Having tubes tied is unnatural and causes a lot of problems in many women. Hence the reason why so many reversals are done. My wife got duped into believing there would be no problems. She's never been the same since and plans to have a reversal. Get your facts straight before passing off bad info.

Yvonne Wilton said:

I feel like I have been in hell since my tubal in 2007. I was only 26 and they only warned me of surgery issues . that is my one regret in life and would never suggest it to any woman PERIOD

Amanda said:

I had my tubal in 2009 and ever since then I have had the worst cycles ever! Major bleeding for 1 1/2 weeks straight and the most excruciating craps. Do not have a tubal! Get on birth control and use protection if you want to stay away from having another child. I wish my friends would've told me not what they were going through before I had mine done! They all wish they hadn't done it either.

click here said:

We take health insurances so that it covers the medical cost associated with our hospital visit. Majority of vendors hesitate to provide a full health insurance package that meets the hospital expenses and you have only a percentage of it.