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Health Insurance That Covers Cosmetic Surgery

Denise Said:

Cosmetic Surgery Coverage In Ontario?

We Answered:

A septoplasty (deviated septum) is done as a medical condition. A rhinoplasty is generally not covered as it is deemed to be cosmetic. If doctor is doing a septoplasty, sometimes they will do the rhinoplasty for free or reduced rates. You already have the room and are asleep. Plus it only adds about 5 minutes or less to the OR time.

Rene Said:

is there any dental insurance that pay for cosmetic oral surgery?

We Answered:

I never heard of any that pay for complete coverage for implants especially for cosmetic reasons. I would believe the dental person more than I would believe your friends story. Simple solution, ask your friend to show you the receipts and payments from the insurance co.for proof

Norman Said:

trying to find health insurance that covers the cost of cosmetic surgery?

We Answered:

The only way you can have health insurance cover a cosmetic procedure, is if the procedure is a necessity. I.E. natural breasts that are too large and are causing a host of medical problems such as spinal displacement, back pain, hunching shoulders, and neck pain. And then you have to have medical proof that these conditions exist as a direct result from the condition you want changed.

Stanley Said:

Do I need health insurance for cosmetic surgery ?

We Answered:

You can get surgery without health insurance. Health Insurance would pay for medication after the surgery & would cover your medical bills shuld there be an infection resulting from the surgery.

Theresa Said:

16 year old needs good health insurance that covers sinus/septoplasty surgery?

We Answered:

Even if you get insurance that will cover rhinoplasty surgery, you would need to get the procedure okayed by a doctor working with the insurer. Are you sure it’s medically necessary for the procedure? As another answerer has mentioned, you might want to consult with a doctor (or two) that you trust and find out if you really need the surgery. Then you can find out what kind of insurance they work with; it might just be a matter of how they code the procedure. I’m not sure that there is insurance that is generally known for covering specific procedures; I think it’s more on a case-by-case basis. You might also want to talk with other people who have undergone septoplasty and/or rhinoplasty.

After you get checked out by doctors and find out whether the surgery is needed and perhaps spoken with other people like you who are considering or who have had the surgery, you can check out to compare health plans accepted by that doctor or medical facility. There’s no obligation, and you can also speak to insurance agents through the site who might have dealt with situations like yours before. But the important thing is to get expert medical opinions about your problem; there might be other, less costly ways to improve your health.

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Hope this helps,

Kurt Said:

Does anybody know of any Health Insurance that covers 'cosmetic' procedures on on scars from self-mutilation?

We Answered:

Self mutilation scars will not be covered by any health insurance you take out.

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