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House Insurance Quotes

Melissa Said:

Where can you get quotes on how much insurance it costs on a house?

We Answered:

Google or search House Insurance and go from there

Carlos Said:

House insurance (building and contents). How can I get my £70 ?

We Answered:

If you know the name of the firm try and find them on the FSA register - that will have contact details.

If the firm is NOT on the FSA register then they are committing a criminal offence and you should report them to the FSA.

Once you have the contact details and made contact, if they will not pay you the £70 then you should

1) Instigate their complaints procedure (which they must have by law)

2) Report them to the FSA for misleading financial promotions.

Carole Said:

Sites of the insurance quotes reliable?

We Answered:

Not as reliable as a quote from an agent or company rep; you never know how current the rate books are on the web. As an agent, I had trouble keeping up with just three companies! Someone claiming to quote a dozen companies would have a hard time being current.

Alan Said:

On average how much more would the cost be for insurance for a house with a pool?

We Answered:

Honestly, it's impossible to answer your question. First, you really need someone familiar with California rates (at least you did list a general location, which is more than most do when the post here!) -- rates vary wildly from state to state (for instance, WV is typically double and sometimes triple the VA rates.)

But aside from that, there's a LOT more to an insurance rate than the size of the lot, the # of bedrooms, and the fact that the house has a pool. You really haven't listed ANYTHING that the company is going to ask with the exception of the fact that a pool exists and there's no fence.

Is the home located inside the city limits, or in a rural area? How far is it to the local fire dept? Is it a volunteer dept, or a full-time one? Are there hydrants within 1,000 feet?

When was it built? How many square feet? Brick, frame, other? What type of heating source does it have? Are there any supplemental heating sources (like fireplaces, etc)? Have there been any prior claims in the property (during the last 5 years)?

And I'm just getting started. The fact is, I need at least 15 pieces of information in order to even give a conditional quote (and about 63 to give a final quote.)

Seriously -- you need to make some calls to the local agents. Otherwise, you're likely to end up with incorrect info because your rates can vary wildly depending on any one of those factors.

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